Let's give this a whirl

Good Morning!  I'm gonna give this a go for a bit.  If nothing else, a good reason to make myself sit at my desk a bit longer.  I don't enjoy desk time much, Id rather be next door playing with molten glass; but the business will not run itself.  Ran out of oxygen so I could not make glass yesterday, as the new tanks did not get here till late in the afternoon.  But I had a productive day of cleaning and getting in some beloved desk time in...  Also got a nice loaf of bread in the oven.  I am really enjoying loafing around making my own bread.  Looking forward to fall and the weather cooling off a bit before the oven in my apartment is on too much.  I took a die with a flaw in it to a jeweler friend and he worked his magic and fixed it perfectly!  Got to get the day going, but I'll try to do this again tomorrow.  Hope you have a great day.