The Dombey Glass, completely hand-shaped and blown, is like no whiskey glass you've ever seen - or held.


Glassblower Ben Dombey has been working with hand blown molten art for nearly 15 years. His obsession - to create the perfect rocks glasses - began after a trip to Scotland in 2011. After years of experimentation, he founded Glassblowerben, LLC, to focus on producing the result of his labors, the Dombey Glass. 

Nicely weighted and heavy in the hand, uniquely textured, handmade and inflated by lung power, it's the ideal drinking experience. The thick base can be custom stamped with an image or text of your choice.

Whether you're looking for a customized cocktail glass for a commemorative gift idea, or you simply want the best bar glasses money can buy, a Dombey Glass will inspire the greatest pleasure from any drink - be it whiskey, bourbon, rye, mezcal or a craft beer.