Personalize bar glasses with a molten-stamped company logo, image or text

We can put custom words on the bottom of your rye, bourbon or whiskey glass (although we do encourage their use for tequila and mezcal or margaritas, negronis, old-fashioned cocktails and any other rocks glass-type drink that will benefit from a mixologist's dream of a bar glass)!

From names, initials, single letters or numbers, to "DRINK ME" or "CHEERS", your custom text will be pressed into the glass while the material is molten.  It will never fade away: It is part of the glass, not an afterthought, not "scratched on".  Choose Order Custom Text below to get started.

The text is read looking down into the inside of the glass.  All capitals, one font only.  3 rows of text maximum.  (The second row must have 1 character less than the maximum. 5 characters max on the small glasses, 6 on the medium, and 7 characters maximum on the large glasses.)

Customized glasses are a fabulous wedding gift, Father's Day present, or for any special occasion. Though you don't need an excuse; simply put, it is incredible to drink out of a handmade cocktail glass, personalized or not.

We also have the ability to put almost any image, logo, or design on the bottom our glasses.  Custom bronze bar glass stamps take a few weeks to make, please choose and fill out the Custom Stamp Inquiries form below (click the button) for more information.