Christmas Gifts for Guys: Specialty Whiskey Glasses

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life? Well, you can stop searching right now. GlassblowerBen’s specialty whiskey glasses are the perfect Christmas gifts for guys this holiday season.

A Variety of Specialty Whiskey Glasses

GlassblowerBen offers a number of specialty, hand-stamped whiskey glasses that come in six varied sizes: small, medium, large, slanted, medium thin, and large thin.

Louisiana Themed Whiskey Glasses

As a Louisiana-based company located in historic New Orleans, GlassblowerBen has a host of specialty whiskey glasses for Louisiana residents and fans alike.

NOLA Manhole Cover Glass

Even our manhole covers have their own recognizable design. Enjoy this classic symbol of the City of New Orleans as a stamp on the bottom of a handcrafted Dombey glass.

The hand-stamped NOLA manhole cover glass makes an excellent gift for locals and visitors alike. The glassblowing technique we use makes each glass truly unique, a one-of-a-kind product you can’t buy in stores.

Louisiana Glass

Celebrate the Sportsman’s Paradise with a toast to craft spirits in an unparalleled, handmade custom rocks glass. Our state is like no other in the U.S., and drinkers will be able to enjoy a whole new drinking experience with this glass.

Uniquely Patterned Whiskey Glasses

Escher Pattern

This one-of-a-kind Dombey glass features an infinite, interlocking pattern that creates a mesmerizing optical effect and is a great celebration of mathematics and philosophy. It’s the perfect gift for the intellectual in your life.

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Grid-Bottom Glass

With its simple, clean design, the hand-stamped grid bottom glass makes for a versatile gift that is the perfect present for anyone this holiday season.

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Custom Dombey Glasses

For a Christmas gift that’s simple, sophisticated, and straight-drinking, we offer a three sizes of classic, custom Dombey rocks glasses that give you a great way to enjoy your favorite holiday whiskey without too much ornamentation.

Contact GlassblowerBen for Your Custom Holiday Whiskey Glasses

With Christmas drawing ever closer, now’s the time to stock up on unique holiday gifts to give to your friends and loved ones. All of our whiskey glasses are handmade by expert glassblower Ben Dombey, providing you with a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that keeps on giving every time you pour one to celebrate. Contact us today or call 504-603-7080 to get your order in before the hectics of the holidays!