Slanted Drinking Glasses: How to Spruce Up Your Collection

Slanted drinking glasses are statements in the kitchen. Your standard drinking glass stands tall and cylindrical, but slanted drinking glasses add a whole new dimension to your cocktails. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or formal affair, slanted drinking glasses are a great way to bring attention to the cocktails you’re serving up.

Handmade Slanted Drinking Glasses

GlassblowerBen has mastered the art of making slanted drinking glasses. Glassblowing has been around since the 1st century BC, but not many people today have hand-blown glasses using traditional techniques. Whether standard or well-designed glasses, a lot of drinking glasses on the market are massed produced.


Ben Dombey, the face behind GlassblowerBen, puts careful attention into every slanted glass he constructs. Each one has a flat bottom but slants at a 45-degree angle. They’re large enough to fit an 6 oz drink, but 8 oz can work if you want it to. Moreover, he’s been able to harness his creativity and make unique slanted drinking glasses that can even be customized with a stamp. Whether you prefer to mark a symbol of the great City of New Orleans or a personal phrase or set of initials, GlassblowerBen can customize a pair or several for you.

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These slanted drinking glasses can amp up the aesthetic of all your drinks. From a classic cocktail to an elaborate mixed drink, slanted drinking glasses will make everyone take a second look.

Order Your Own Slanted Drinking Glasses

Whether you want just a pair for a power duo to use or enough to serve up an entire party, you should order your slanted drinking glasses from GlassblowerBen today! Check out his Handmade Slanted Bar Glass and all the possibilities for customization in his store. Feel free to contact GlassblowerBen if you have any questions about ordering your very own slanted drinking glasses! If you enjoy reading our blog and learning about Ben’s glasses, check out this blog post on whiskey glasses.