Custom Stamped Text


Custom Stamped Text

from 50.00

We can brand custom words into the bottom of your glasses.

Every time you pour into or drink from the glass, you'll remember when and why you wrote that. So will anybody you give them to. 

From names, initials, single letters or numbers, to "DRINK ME" or "CHEERS", your words will be stamped into the tumbler while the material is molten. It will never fade away, it is part of the glass, not an afterthought. You simply can not find this in any other glass anywhere on earth.

All capitals, one font only.  3 rows of text maximum.  The second row must have 1 character less than the maximum. 5 characters max on the small glasses, 6 on the medium, and 7 characters maximum on the large glasses. The text is read looking down into the inside of the glass.  

Minimum order of 2 glasses.

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Customized glasses are a fabulous wedding, best man/groomsman or bridesmaid gift; Father's Day present; graduation commemoration; or for any special occasion. Frankly, no occasion need be required - it is simply incredible to savor a drink out of a personalized hand made glass. Minimum order of 2.