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New Orleans Custom Glassware at GlassblowerBen

If there’s anyone in New Orleans who can make you a custom handblown glass, it’s Ben Dombey. Ben started his company, GlassblowerBen, after his studies at Tulane University and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He found his lifelong calling in 2003 when glassblowing came into his life.

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As a Tulane undergraduate, Ben majored in studio art and focused his studies solely on glassblowing. Then, he moved to RIT in New York, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2012. He’s been all around the world to pursue his passion, learning from experienced glassblowers who helped him become the artisan he is today.

About GlassblowerBen

Everyone who likes whiskey or good liquor deserves the right serving glass. The original custom whiskey glass made at GlassblowerBen is perfect for an end-of-day cocktail. GlassblowerBen makes handmade custom glasses that are perfect for casual drinkers or glass collectors. Ever since making the original glass, Ben has been creating different sized glasses for mixed drinks of all kinds. Glasses are made through lung power and are fully U.S. domestic.

Unlike glasses you can buy at your average kitchen goods store, custom glassware by GlassblowerBen is heavy and feel great to hold in your hands. Each piece of glassware has its own unique texture on the bottom that shows off the beauty of whichever beverage you sip. The best part? Each glass has its own stamp on its base. These stamps include engraves of Louisiana, fleur de lis, shamrocks, and so much more. Some glasses are even slanted for a unique mixed drink experience. All glasses are the perfect “gift for him” on any holiday or birthday.

How Ben Blows The Glasses

Lung-blown, hand-stamped, and locally-made, these glasses are made in a furnace that’s 2100 degrees. The extensive process of Ben’s glassblowing techniques begin by placing sand solution into a furnace that sits at a melting 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, steel blowpipes are preheated to begin the glasses’ shaping process. Ben then grabs an almost honey-like bulb of molten glass material out of the furnace. Before blowing the glass, it’s quickly shaped. Once the molten glass is shaped like a bulb, Ben holds the other end of the blowpipe to his mouth and takes a blow. After that, the glass construction begins, the final shaping and stamping is done, and the glass is thrown into a kiln for a day or two to cool and prevent cracks. Watch the full video of Ben making glass to understand the process from start to finish.

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If you’re looking for the perfect bachelor party gift, great birthday gifts for men, or a special present that makes you stand out from the crowd, a glass from GlassblowerBen is right for you. Shop for your very own custom handblown glass at GlassblowerBen today!