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Handcrafted Wine Glasses for The Federalist

Here at Glassblowerben, we are very proud to announce the launch of a new product to add to our growing collection of custom, handblown bar glasses: handcrafted wine glasses for The Federalist, an American-made craft wine company. These glasses were created after the forming of a special partnership between our two companies and they are only available through The Federalist.

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About The Federalist

The Idea

The Federalist creates a bold craft wine product that is the culmination of years of development. Their collection is a distinctly American union of wines that break free from wine tradition in the pursuit of perfection. The Federalist’s founders were inspired by the ideal, “Whatever I’m drinking should taste good, dammit,” and their wine lives up to the phrase.

The result is a line of distinctly American craft wines with all of the bold spirit and unwavering character of the revolutionary American icons that adorn every bottle. With its origin arising from the “virtues of every forward-thinking, hard-working, red-blooded American,” this is American Craft Wine at its finest -- bold, original, and revolutionary.

The Barrels

Made from 100-year-old oak and old school friction fit iron hoops, the barrels used in production are every bit as special as the wine that’s made in them. Without these nuances of oak and iron, the end product probably wouldn’t taste so damn good.

The Bottles

The Federalist’s bottles are carefully crafted with every detail in mind to capture the beautiful essence of flavor and forward thinking of the wines contained within them. From the curve of the bottle’s neck to the display of revered American revolutionaries spread across the outside, the thought, care, and beauty put into the design ensures a perfect drinking experience and is entirely emblematic of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the wines within.

The Glasses

No great craft wine can be complete without excellently custom, handcrafted wine glasses to go with it. As a proud product of our very own Ben Dombey, these gorgeous glasses are the epitome of simple, functional yet beautiful design and are expertly crafted with one purpose in mind: The Federalist and the great American spirit it represents.

We too represent that proud American artistic spirit in our own craft. Glassblowing is a proudly individualistic art that strikes at the heart of what this wine is all about. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to unrivaled excellence are all hallmarks of this lost art, and we are honored to be able to make our own contribution to this “spirited” celebration of American greatness.

As an expertly handcrafted vessel, our hand blown wine glasses are also a testament to American ingenuity and the roughly refined tastes of our people. Our glasses’ gorgeous design serves as the perfect container to get the most in taste and enjoyment out of any wine you drink. Try these glasses with your next vino and we think you’ll agree. This is one practical piece of art that will make you proud to drink your wine -- and we can certainly all toast to that! Although The Federalist wine glasses are a special collection only available through The Federalist, you can shop for a wide selection of custom, handcrafted cocktail glasses in the GlassblowerBen store.