Finding the Perfect Whiskey Glass

When choosing a glass for your whiskey drink, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many different shapes and sizes available today that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Does the whiskey glass really matter? Although many would like to believe otherwise, the truth is your whiskey glass really does make a difference. There are a few reasons the perfect whiskey glass will make your drink the best it can be.


The perfect whiskey glass is short with a wide lip. They are often cylindrical, but they don’t have to be. It may be referred to as an “Old Fashioned” or “Rocks Glass,” but GlassblowerBen calls it the Dombey Glass. This design is important for your whiskey consumption for a couple of reasons.

What Makes A Perfect Whiskey Glass

1. You can comfortably fit a few ice cubes.

Chilled whiskey has a more enhanced flavor than its room temperature counterpart, but ice can dilute the flavor if too much melts. The size of a perfect whiskey glass is wide enough to fit a few ice cubes and allows you to easily scoop them out if you need too. Another solution to this problem is using whiskey stones. Although you won’t dilute any flavors using these, you may find that a little melted ice makes the whiskey taste better.

2. You can stir your whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey is such a versatile alcohol because it’s great on its own, but also it goes well with so many different flavors. Whether you’re enjoying whiskey with different fruit concoctions or specialty cocktail bitters, mixing up your drink while taking your time to enjoy it is important for its flavor. A perfect whiskey glass is wide so you can easily and regularly mix up your cocktail.

3. You won’t overconsume.

A smaller whiskey glass allows you to savor your drink and hopefully not drink too much alcohol too quickly. The perfect whiskey glass is pretty short when compared to other glass options. Smaller whiskey glasses range from 6 - 10 ounces, and larger ones may hold up to 14 oz.

GlassblowerBen Whiskey Glasses

If you’re now ready to enjoy some bourbon, rye, or classic whiskey, then get yourself the perfect whiskey glass!


Classic Dombey Glass

The Classic Dombey Glass fits a few ice cubes, allows you to easily stir your drink, and fits just the right amount of alcohol. Try it in small, medium, and large.


Slanted Bar Glass

If you want to feature more unique glassware to your family and friends, try GlassblowerBen’s Handmade Slanted Bar Glass. At its 45-degree angle, this glass is sturdy and show-stopping. It fits all the criteria of a perfect whiskey glass while standing out from the crowd.

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