Slanted Drinking Glasses: How to Spruce Up Your Collection

Slanted drinking glasses are statements in the kitchen. Your standard drinking glass stands tall and cylindrical, but slanted drinking glasses add a whole new dimension to your cocktails. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or formal affair, slanted drinking glasses are a great way to bring attention to the cocktails you’re serving up.

Handmade Slanted Drinking Glasses

GlassblowerBen has mastered the art of making slanted drinking glasses. Glassblowing has been around since the 1st century BC, but not many people today have hand-blown glasses using traditional techniques. Whether standard or well-designed glasses, a lot of drinking glasses on the market are massed produced.


Ben Dombey, the face behind GlassblowerBen, puts careful attention into every slanted glass he constructs. Each one has a flat bottom but slants at a 45-degree angle. They’re large enough to fit an 6 oz drink, but 8 oz can work if you want it to. Moreover, he’s been able to harness his creativity and make unique slanted drinking glasses that can even be customized with a stamp. Whether you prefer to mark a symbol of the great City of New Orleans or a personal phrase or set of initials, GlassblowerBen can customize a pair or several for you.

xUMnnCo (1).jpg

These slanted drinking glasses can amp up the aesthetic of all your drinks. From a classic cocktail to an elaborate mixed drink, slanted drinking glasses will make everyone take a second look.

Order Your Own Slanted Drinking Glasses

Whether you want just a pair for a power duo to use or enough to serve up an entire party, you should order your slanted drinking glasses from GlassblowerBen today! Check out his Handmade Slanted Bar Glass and all the possibilities for customization in his store. Feel free to contact GlassblowerBen if you have any questions about ordering your very own slanted drinking glasses! If you enjoy reading our blog and learning about Ben’s glasses, check out this blog post on whiskey glasses.

4th of July Drinks For You and Your Crew

Our nation’s birthday is a great reason to celebrate. Whether you’re off to the beach, a backyard barbeque, or rooftop fireworks viewing, your 4th of July drinks need to be perfect.


Must-Have 4th of July Drinks

With everybody in the mood to raise a glass to the US of A, here are a few red, white, and blue 4th of July drinks you can throw together.

Watermelon Margaritas

Every kid on the 4th of July looks forward to the watermelon, and with this recipe, the adults can too! Watermelon margaritas require a little love in their multi-step preparation, but the result is a refreshing drink that is bound to be a hit. Check out the full recipe here, and don’t be afraid to pair the margaritas with a little bit of fresh fruit too.

Piña Colada

Who doesn’t love a tropical piña colada on a hot summer's’ day? Or maybe the rain hits you and you just need a reminder of a day on the beach. No matter how or where you’re celebrating with your 4th of July drinks, a few piña coladas for you and your friends can go a long way. Follow the recipe closely to ensure the perfect ratio of ice, juice, and booze. If you really want to emphasize your summer escape, get some tropical umbrellas or maraschino cherries to throw on the glass.

Mermaid Lemonade

This recipe uses Blue Curacao to create a refreshing spiked lemonade that takes no time to put together, so you can keep on pushing it out! The distinct blue color will stand out and have you thinking of the ocean, even in the most remote backyards. You can put it together in large batches if you wish, and add a festive flare with some American flag skewers to finish the drink off.

Supplies You Need for Your 4th of July Drinks

So you might have all the booze and rimmers for your 4th of July drinks, but you’ll need some nice glassware next to serve it all up!


Mixing Pitcher

When you’ve got a lot of people to serve, you need a large mixing pitcher to get everything together. GlassblowerBen’s Mixing Pitcher comes with a matching mixing stick to easily stir and keep stirring your favorite homemade cocktails. Each one can be customized when you order, so you can show off your patriotism with a “USA” if you’d like (but your last name, nickname, and so many other custom words work, too).


Classic Dombey Glass

Try out GlassblowerBen’s signature hand blown glass for all these homemade cocktails. The large rim is perfect for a salt rim or to fit a cocktail umbrella so you can easily serve up all your festive favorites! These are also customizable, so you can get whatever short message or a variety of symbols at the bottom for all your guests to admire.

Shop GlassblowerBen

Browse GlassblowerBen’s selection of handmade glassware here to get ready for your 4th of July! If you’d rather make a tequila drink, read more about some summertime cocktail ideas on Ben’s blog. Feel free to contact Ben if you have any questions or want to order custom glassware for your business.

History of the Sazerac: A Tradition at New Orleans Bars

New Orleans bars are known for interesting cocktails and stiff drinks and it’s clear that both locals and visitors alike love to drink. Many people know of the Hurricane, Hand Grenade, and Fishbowl drinks you can find on Bourbon Street, but the Sazerac is the official cocktail of New Orleans. The history of the Sazerac begins in New Orleans’ French Quarter, and the drink is readily available in almost all New Orleans bars today.

New Orleans Bars.jpg

Why Did New Orleans Bars Take Advice From A Pharmacist?

The Creator

Antoine Amedee Peychaud was a refugee from the West Indies who arrived in New Orleans in the early 19th Century. Peychaud, like thousands of refugees before him, was hoping to start a new life in New Orleans after escaping French rule on his native island. He opened a pharmacy in the French Quarter, but he was better known for his self-named Peychaud’s bitters than his store. He used his bitters, Sazerac de Forge et Fils cognac, sugar, and absinthe to make the “Sazerac”. He may or may not have begun to serve up the cocktail in his store, but we do know for sure that his bitters were sold to New Orleans bars as more people began to enjoy the drink. The history of the Sazerac could have stopped there but alcohol legislation and personal preferences evolved the cocktail.

Changes Over Time

The Sazerac itself has evolved as certain alcohols became more or less available over time. First, cognac got replaced with any rye whiskey. This change has made the cocktail more readily available at New Orleans bars. Then, absinthe was banned in 1912 which changed some of the fundamental ingredients in the special cocktail. Fortunately, New Orleans bar patrons had no problem replacing absinthe with other liquors.

The Sazerac Today

The history and tradition surrounding the Sazerac has helped to sustain its modern popularity. The Sazerac was named the official cocktail of New Orleans in 2008 by the Louisiana House of Representatives and has remained so for the past 10 years. You can find the drink in many New Orleans bars, or you can try making it at home!

How to Enjoy a Sazerac Today

So, if you want to enjoy one of these traditional whiskey cocktails, why not enjoy it in a glass that reminds you of its home? GlassblowerBen makes the best handmade cocktail glasses that are perfect for whiskey or any mixed drink.

Hand-Stamped Fleur Des Lis Glass - Pour up a Sazerac with a little homage to New Orleans’ French roots.


Hand-Stamped NOLA Manhole Cover Glass - Sip on your Sazerac with one of the most recognizable symbols of New Orleans at the bottom of the glass.


Shop GlassblowerBen Today

GlassblowerBen doesn’t just have classic New Orleans cocktail glasses for your Sazerac, but all the glasses for your drinking needs. Check out the online store or contact us today!

Finding the Perfect Whiskey Glass

When choosing a glass for your whiskey drink, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many different shapes and sizes available today that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Does the whiskey glass really matter? Although many would like to believe otherwise, the truth is your whiskey glass really does make a difference. There are a few reasons the perfect whiskey glass will make your drink the best it can be.


The perfect whiskey glass is short with a wide lip. They are often cylindrical, but they don’t have to be. It may be referred to as an “Old Fashioned” or “Rocks Glass,” but GlassblowerBen calls it the Dombey Glass. This design is important for your whiskey consumption for a couple of reasons.

What Makes A Perfect Whiskey Glass

1. You can comfortably fit a few ice cubes.

Chilled whiskey has a more enhanced flavor than its room temperature counterpart, but ice can dilute the flavor if too much melts. The size of a perfect whiskey glass is wide enough to fit a few ice cubes and allows you to easily scoop them out if you need too. Another solution to this problem is using whiskey stones. Although you won’t dilute any flavors using these, you may find that a little melted ice makes the whiskey taste better.

2. You can stir your whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey is such a versatile alcohol because it’s great on its own, but also it goes well with so many different flavors. Whether you’re enjoying whiskey with different fruit concoctions or specialty cocktail bitters, mixing up your drink while taking your time to enjoy it is important for its flavor. A perfect whiskey glass is wide so you can easily and regularly mix up your cocktail.

3. You won’t overconsume.

A smaller whiskey glass allows you to savor your drink and hopefully not drink too much alcohol too quickly. The perfect whiskey glass is pretty short when compared to other glass options. Smaller whiskey glasses range from 6 - 10 ounces, and larger ones may hold up to 14 oz.

GlassblowerBen Whiskey Glasses

If you’re now ready to enjoy some bourbon, rye, or classic whiskey, then get yourself the perfect whiskey glass!


Classic Dombey Glass

The Classic Dombey Glass fits a few ice cubes, allows you to easily stir your drink, and fits just the right amount of alcohol. Try it in small, medium, and large.


Slanted Bar Glass

If you want to feature more unique glassware to your family and friends, try GlassblowerBen’s Handmade Slanted Bar Glass. At its 45-degree angle, this glass is sturdy and show-stopping. It fits all the criteria of a perfect whiskey glass while standing out from the crowd.

Shop GlassblowerBen

Browse GlassblowerBen’s selection of handmade glassware here to stock up your bar! If you’d rather enjoy a tequila drink this summer, read more about some summertime cocktail ideas on Ben’s blog. Feel free to contact Ben if you have any questions or want to order custom glassware for your business.

Summertime Tequila Cocktails

Tequila is a classic liquor to mix in with your summertime cocktails. Although it’s easy enough to just take it as a shot, tequila goes well with so many different flavors. This summer, try these cool and refreshing cocktails featuring this popular alcohol.

A Few Summertime Tequila Cocktails



Although many people would guess the most favored summer cocktail in Mexico would be the margarita, many argue it is in fact the Paloma. All you need for this drink is some tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, club soda, and sugar! You could also replace the club soda with grapefruit soda, as suggested in this recipe from New York Times Cooking. Palomas are simple to throw together in a large pitcher and share with your friends. Although this is completely optional, consider taking a lime and some salt to make a rim on each glass.

Tequila Sunrise

A tequila sunrise is not just a delicious and refreshing summertime cocktail—it looks amazing too! This bright cocktail stands out in clear glasses, and it only requires three ingredients: orange juice, grenadine, and, of course, tequila! Chef Geoffrey Zakarian from the Food Network recommends using an orange slice and a Maraschino cherry to garnish the top of the glass. You can find his recipe here and maybe get creative with your own garnish! Even if you’re just drinking in your backyard, a tequila sunrise will do the trick to make you think you’re right on the beach.

Glasses for Your Summertime Tequila Cocktails

So you have some idea of which cocktails you want to try, but you need something nice to serve them in! GlassblowerBen’s drinking accessories are perfect for your summertime tequila cocktails.


Bright cocktails, such as palomas and tequila sunrises, need to be admired, so be sure to serve them up in glasses that will do them justice. GlassblowerBen’s Flare glass has a distinct cone shape with a wide rim, perfect to dress up with salt for your margaritas. The clear glass allows you to show off the color of your drink, and you could even choose to stamp a custom message on the bottom to make this glass stand out to your guests even more.

Mixing Pitcher

Whether you’re mixing up the recommended Paloma or some mojitos (or any other drink!), a good mixing pitcher helps you create a great cocktail you can easily share with your family and friends. Ben’s Mixing Pitcher comes with a glass stick you can leave in to make sure your drink stays well blended throughout a long evening. The unique texture on the pitcher will match all your GlassblowerBen glasses, too!

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Don’t wait to get your hands on the perfect glasses for your delicious summertime tequila cocktails! Buy one of Ben’s hand blown glasses today!

Bachelor Parties in New Orleans

There’s nothing quite like a bachelor party in New Orleans. This city is a location unlike any other, with an amazing local culture and unbeatable booze. From the food to the fun, New Orleans is a great place for any wedding party.

Where to Eat and Drink

If you’re headed out for some daytime drinks, check out The Avenue Pub on St. Charles Ave in the Garden District. Be sure to browse their “Big Beer List” for what’s currently on tap. The Avenue Pub also has a huge selection of bourbon, rye, and whiskey for you to try. As you enjoy your drinks, take note of the GlassblowerBen glasses we made custom for the bar.


For a Cajun-inspired dinner that will be hard to beat, head over to Cochon. This Warehouse District restaurant has a delicious selection of meats and bourbon. Order a bourbon flight to try a whole bunch, and ask the staff for suggestions—they won’t steer you wrong.

When that hangover kicks in and you just need a burger, go to Port of Call. These burgers are notoriously good. Since the 1960s, Port of Call has been serving up its selection of hamburgers and steaks with hot potatoes. Not to mention, it’s in the French Quarter, so when you’re done with your mushroom cheeseburger, you can head over to Bourbon Street to start up the next round of debauchery!

Lately in New Orleans, microbreweries have been popping up everywhere. Urban South Brewery offers seasonal and year-round beers in its taproom for you to sample all afternoon long. You can linger with your friends and pet some of the locals’ dogs that come through, and then get some beers to go for later on!

New Orleans Bachelor Party Gifts


Whether you’re shopping for the groom or all of the groomsmen, every guy could use some nice drinking accessories. GlassblowerBen makes a variety of glasses and pitchers that will surely be put to good use. Everything from an ice cold beer to a Tennessee whiskey or any other drink of choice gets better in one of our handmade glasses. GlassblowerBen has bachelor party gifts or wedding gifts for everyone.

To commemorate the city of New Orleans—as your bachelor party location, wedding destination, or just a place you love—consider the Hand-Stamped Louisiana Glass or NOLA Manhole Cover Glass.

If your groom loves to host a large crowd, GlassblowerBen’s Mixing Pitcher would be a great bachelor party gift or wedding present. He can whip up some Sazeracs with Peychaud’s Bitters and serve them up with an absinthe rinse on Ben’s Flares (which also make fantastic gifts).

Shop now for your perfect handmade glass!

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift that you can’t buy at the store? Remind Dad of how much he means to you by giving him a one-of-a-kind handblown glass this Father’s Day. Dads tend to be very busy men, so any excuse they might get to relax is golden. GlassblowerBen handblown glasses are the perfect reason for Dad to pour himself a drink after a long day of “dad duties. Our custom glassware is hand-stamped and you can choose from a wide selection of engraves to make Dad’s gift as unique as he is. All of these glasses are perfect for Father’s Day because they can be personalized to share the exact message you want to send. These aren’t delicate cocktail glasses; they are hefty and sturdy bar essentials. 

The Dombey Pint

Father’s Day is all about being outside, enjoying valuable family time, and drinking some delicious craft beer. Because today is all about chilling out with a cold glass of beer, give Dad a glass that holds a full 16 ounces of it. This handmade custom glass beer pint adds a little sophistication to any afternoon drink.This is the largest glass GlassblowerBen carries and this unique Father’s Day gift can be customized in the same manner as our other glasses. Choose from a number of stamps or have Dad’s name engraved in all caps on the bottom if you wish. Once Dad gets his hands on one of these novelties, he’ll be happy to have something to sip out of when he’s watching the game with his friends.

Hand-Stamped Louisiana Glass

Whether you’re from Louisiana or just a fan of the Sportsman’s Paradise, this hand-stamped custom Louisiana glass is the perfect way to say “thank you” on Father’s Day. This glass comes in six different sizes and is engraved with your favorite state on the bottom. Not from Louisiana? Choose your own state to make a personalized whiskey glass for Dad. As soon as your dad finishes sipping his favorite liquor out of this glass, he’ll be happy to see a replication of the state both of you love.

(Pro Tip: This glass goes best when used to serve a Sazerac!)

Classic Medium Dombey Glass

Choose GlassblowerBen’s most popular glass as a unique Father’s Day gift this year. This glass is the star of the show as it holds just enough whiskey to calm Dad down after a long and hard day of work. It’s got a large and thick base, which gives it a sturdy feel when it’s held in the hand.Because this glass is so substantial it’s a great collector’s item if Dad doesn’t plan on drinking out of it. If you plan on giving him this glass to be used that way, be sure to get his name or a special message stamped on the bottom to give it a more personal feel.

Shop Now

Whichever glass you plan on getting your Dad this year, a unique Father’s Day gift will help you stand out from your siblings. Once he gets his first hand-stamped glass, he’s sure to want to complete his custom glass collection. Our glasses a the perfect gifts for every holiday, bachelor party, wedding, or special event. Buy one of Ben’s handblown glasses today!

New Orleans Custom Glassware at GlassblowerBen

If there’s anyone in New Orleans who can make you a custom handblown glass, it’s Ben Dombey. Ben started his company, GlassblowerBen, after his studies at Tulane University and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He found his lifelong calling in 2003 when glassblowing came into his life.

Ben Blowing.jpg

As a Tulane undergraduate, Ben majored in studio art and focused his studies solely on glassblowing. Then, he moved to RIT in New York, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2012. He’s been all around the world to pursue his passion, learning from experienced glassblowers who helped him become the artisan he is today.

About GlassblowerBen

Everyone who likes whiskey or good liquor deserves the right serving glass. The original custom whiskey glass made at GlassblowerBen is perfect for an end-of-day cocktail. GlassblowerBen makes handmade custom glasses that are perfect for casual drinkers or glass collectors. Ever since making the original glass, Ben has been creating different sized glasses for mixed drinks of all kinds. Glasses are made through lung power and are fully U.S. domestic.

Unlike glasses you can buy at your average kitchen goods store, custom glassware by GlassblowerBen is heavy and feel great to hold in your hands. Each piece of glassware has its own unique texture on the bottom that shows off the beauty of whichever beverage you sip. The best part? Each glass has its own stamp on its base. These stamps include engraves of Louisiana, fleur de lis, shamrocks, and so much more. Some glasses are even slanted for a unique mixed drink experience. All glasses are the perfect “gift for him” on any holiday or birthday.

How Ben Blows The Glasses

Lung-blown, hand-stamped, and locally-made, these glasses are made in a furnace that’s 2100 degrees. The extensive process of Ben’s glassblowing techniques begin by placing sand solution into a furnace that sits at a melting 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, steel blowpipes are preheated to begin the glasses’ shaping process. Ben then grabs an almost honey-like bulb of molten glass material out of the furnace. Before blowing the glass, it’s quickly shaped. Once the molten glass is shaped like a bulb, Ben holds the other end of the blowpipe to his mouth and takes a blow. After that, the glass construction begins, the final shaping and stamping is done, and the glass is thrown into a kiln for a day or two to cool and prevent cracks. Watch the full video of Ben making glass to understand the process from start to finish.

Shop Now

If you’re looking for the perfect bachelor party gift, great birthday gifts for men, or a special present that makes you stand out from the crowd, a glass from GlassblowerBen is right for you. Shop for your very own custom handblown glass at GlassblowerBen today!

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